Emerson USA, b. 1986

Art is  an expression, a single expression of infinite possibilities. Each stroke, each hue, each movement is as it is supposed to be. Art is the medium of pure potential where all feelings, all emotions, all passions, all dualities can coexist.


Emerson is a self taught artist working out of Patricia Qualls' studio. Upon receiving his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz he made the decision to set aside his analytical mind and pursue a life of creative expression.


Drawing since he was a young child, Emerson emersed himself in his art during high school where he primarily focused on representational and figurative art with charcoal. This medium allowed him to explore the beauty of contrast, value and composition. At the age of 19 he was introduced to paint through a fellow creator and his journey into color began. 


His work remained representaional until later in his life where he found a mentor in Patricia Qualls, who opened him to the beautiful world of abstraction, expression, freedom, and curiosity. Art took on a deeper meaning to Emerson as it became a reflection of his own personal jouney. Through many trials in his life art remained the constant that accepted him without question or judgment; it was always there. Art became the meditation through which he sought his higher self. It became the catalyst which allowed him the space for exploration and intrigue. This can be seen in his latest works which each carry their own energy; each a single expression manifested in color and canvas. Inspired by his mentor, He attempts to approach each painting with openness so that he can allow the space to explore the medium in all of it's beauty and not confine it or himself to the conventions of a singular style.





I am interested in the experience art offers. The experience for me as a painter in the throws of self expression and the individualized experience of the viewer. Like so many creators, my necessity for self expression is rooted in a fear of neglecting the constant inpourings of inspiration the Universe provides. With each new idea comes a moment. A moment in which I can act on the inspiration and create something that will resonate or one in which I can watch it go by only to be realized by another creator with their own interpretation.


My style is a result of my belief that we are not bound to be the same person we were yesterday. I create what inspires me NOW.   My work is a statement to the beauty of subjectivity and individuality. I hope that it inspires others to follow their heart and find what resonates with them. Because, for me, life is too short to not realize the potential available to those that unapologetically follow their passions. Painting is my meditation in self actualization and it is my humble wish that each piece brings a little light into someone elses world the way it has to mine.


My inspirations are people, nature, society, consciousness, conscious evolution, quantum physics, the unknown and the intersection of science and spirituality.

~ Emerson