The Full Experience

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October 30, 2020
The Full Experience

We often have couples visiting Patricia’s Studio and Gallery who have seen Patricia's work on our website. Like so many, they had fallen in love with Patricia's work and wanted to come see it in person to pick some pieces for a Van-Go home show. But, when they came to pick out the pieces there was a slight problem. It wasn't that they couldn't find one that they liked, but rather, they found so many they couldn't decide which ones would fit best. He resonated with some, she with others, and some they both enjoyed. I told them,

"the great thing about Van-Go is that it's big."

I marked all the paintings they enjoyed to be loaded for the home show the following week. I even included a few paintings that we did not have in the gallery when they visited but matched the energy of the pieces they picked out.

The next week when I went to their home I took the paintings in and we began playing with the space. I put different paintings in different spaces of their home until we found the right paintings for the right spaces and they just knew. It was such a joy watching them experience the different energies the paintings brought to the rooms and seeing their faces light up when one resonated with them in the space and it found its forever home. By the time I left they had decided on a few of the paintings they thought they would love but were also surprised to pick some of the paintings that didn't speak to them as strongly in the gallery but sang when placed in the right space in their home.

One thing I've learned about art over the years is that finding a piece that speaks to you is so much more than simply visual aesthetic. The right painting moves you in a way that you can feel and often times the best way to find a painting that moves you is to view it within the environment that it will live to get the full experience. To see the painting's different values, hues, and energies interact with your space's lighting, surrounding colors, and energy. I truly enjoy being able to experience the beauty of people resonating with art; inviting it to reside with them, so that they might experience it day in and day out.


If you would like to schedule a home show with us contact us for details!


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