Precious Weavings II

Artistic Journey

"Artistic Journey" is a video series dedicated to taking viewers on a journey of Patricia Qualls' paintings.

There is something special about viewing a painting in person; being able to take it in from afar, slowly moving closer to exam the nuances that give the painting its energy and character.

The painting chosen for this edition is Precious Weavings II | 72 x 48"Layers of blues, pinks and ochres blend in horizontal scraped patterns creating beautiful neutral tones between the blending of vibrant hues. From afar the painting appears more muted, the saturation increases the closer one moves toward the painting until the colorful detail becomes undeniably apparent. With both horizontal and vertical movement the painting is true to its name which alludes to the Precious Weavings of life's tapestry.


**Currently Exhibited at our Carmel Valley Location


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Music:  "Study Songs" by Einstein Music Academy