Transforming Energy

Artistic Journey

"Artistic Journey" is a video series dedicated to taking viewers on a journey of Patricia Qualls' paintings.

There is something special about viewing a painting in person; being able to take it in from afar, slowly moving closer to exam the nuances that give the painting its energy and character.

The painting chosen for this edition is Transforming Energy | 36 x 30.” Filled with translucent layers of cool and warm tones the painting is full of vibrant color tied together with a beautifully neutral soft pink. Dark contrasting marks dance atop the canvas building interest and drawing the viewers eye around the space. The openness in the center allows a place of rest in the painting as it recedes into the distance creating depth and transforming the energy of the piece.


**Currently Exhibited at our Carmel Valley Location






Music: "Twin Peaks" by Giampaolo Pasquile