The Heart Knows

Artistic Journey
April 2, 2021

"Artistic Journey" is a video series dedicated to taking viewers on a journey of Patricia Qualls' paintings.

There is something special about viewing a painting in person; being able to take it in from afar, slowly moving closer to exam the nuances that give the painting its energy and character.

The painting chosen for this edition is The Heart Knows | 66 x 58." The translucent layers of pale pinks and muted ochres blend gradually creating beautiful neutrals throughout the painting. The soft energy of the palette is balanced with the movements in the expressive gestural strokes and the jagged marks scraped from the canvas. The piece was inspired by the beauty of intuition rooted in love; a gentle reminder to follow your heart.


**Currently Exhibited at our Carmel Gallery Location






Music: "The 49th Street Galleria" by Chris Zabriskie