Finding the Path: Fire and Heart

Artistic Journey

"Artistic Journey" is a video series dedicated to taking viewers on a journey of Patricia Qualls' paintings.

There is something special about viewing a painting in person; being able to take it in from afar, slowly moving closer to exam the nuances that give the painting its energy and character.

The painting chosen for this edition is Finding the Path: Fire and Heart | 48" x 72". This piece's first layers are made of ash from the fire that nearly entered the beautiful Carmel Valley Village where our studio is located. After frantically scurrying to save as many paintings as possible during the fire evacuations Patricia knew she needed to capture the weight of this moment on canvas. Before leaving with the final load of paintings she set this canvas in the backyard of our Carmel Valley Studio and sent out Blessings and Thanks to the Sanctuary for all the love and healing it had provided her and others over the years. Thankfully, when we returned to the studio several days later it was still intact, with only the ash left as a gentle reminder to give Thanks always. That ash remained in the base layer of this painting as did the Loving lesson that came with it.


**Currently Exhibited at our Carmel Gallery Location