Graceful Connections

Artistic Journey
January 29, 2021

 "Artistic Journey" is a video series dedicated to taking viewers on a journey of Patricia Qualls' paintings.

There is something special about viewing a painting in person; being able to take it in from afar, slowly moving closer to exam the nuances that give the painting its energy and character.

Often times one can find smaller compositions within a painting that carry their own energy and beauty. The videos in the "Artistic Journey" series seek to give the viewer a closer look at the paintings and highlight some of the more interesting textures and compositions.


The painting chosen for this edition is "Graceful Connections," 54 x 54." This painting is subtle yet powerful. Made with many layers of varying thickness it uses neutral colors mixed with subtle pops of blues, greens, and earth tones to create an aesthetically pleasing and subtly neutral painting  with just enough color and energy. The title of the painting alludes to the graceful connections made throughout the weavings of life's tapestry.


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Music: "Soothing Piano" by Einstein Study Music Academy